18 Placements and Counting!

The Malinois Foundation is proud to have placed 18 Service Dogs with Veterans since we were granted our nonprofit organization status on August 14, 2014!

In 2018, we placed 5 service dogs with their handler, including:

  • Dan & Nick

  • Buddy & Marley

  • Larry & Rogue

  • Jeff & Marshall

  • Mike & Maya

We’re excited for big things to come in 2019 and beyond, as our next batch of service animals makes a difference in a veteran’s life.

JoJo came to us in April, 2019 and is a Border Collie/Labrador Retriever from Roy, Utah. From day one, this spunky Lab/Collie has impressed us with her intelligence and quickness to learn. JoJoe is being sponsored by The Bean Yard, City of South Salt Lake and Mark Miller Subaru through the local Service Paws and Patriots program.

JoJo sits with community outreach dog, Aspen, at the South Salt Lake City Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner on July, 3, 2019.

JoJo sits with community outreach dog, Aspen, at the South Salt Lake City Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner on July, 3, 2019.

At 5 months old, her training is coming along nicely, and is transitioning from puppy socialization to more advanced training in public settings. JoJo will be presented to her deserving veteran later this year once her training is complete.

In addition to JoJo, The Malinois Foundation is also training Indy, a 3 and a half month old cattle dog mix with a cool story!

Indy was a part of a litter of puppies rescued from the Ute Indian Reservation by Mark Miller Subaru and Nuzzles & Co. on April 25, 2019. At Mark Miller’s Do Good Feel Good Community Day on June 15th, Malinois Foundation trainers were excited to see Indy’s combination of play drive and focus and quickly adopted him from Nuzzles & Co.

Since he was adopted into The Malinois Foundation service puppy program, Indy has impressed us with his combination of sweetness and confidence. Indy’s training is afforded through contributions made to the Foundation through proceeds collected during the Mark Miller Subaru Do Good Feel Good campaign.

As Indy is few months younger than JoJo, he just completed Puppy School and is working hard at puppy socialization!

Indy graduates from Puppy School!

Indy graduates from Puppy School!

Join Us At Private Screening of Avengers: Infinity War!

The Malinois Foundation and Mark Miller Subaru would like to invite you to join us Sunday, May 6 at 11 a.m. for a Private Screening of the Avengers: Infinity War movie at the Megaplex Luxury Theatres At Cottonwood. 

Tickets include brunch, a raffle and the anticipated Avengers sequel movie. All proceeds will go directly toward the match of a service dog with a very deserving military veteran.

Tickets can be purchased at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/heroes-serving-heroes-avengers-infinity-war-showing-with-brunch-tickets-45086979369

Heroes Serving Heroes.png

Jeff & Marshall To Unite April 2nd!

The Malinois Foundation is excited to announce another service dog and veteran match will be made in just a few weeks. Marshall, an energetic, 6-month old Belgian Malinois will be united with his new handler, Jeff.

Jeff in combat holding a captured weapon.

Jeff in combat holding a captured weapon.

Jeff started his working career delivering papers, and when he became of age entered the military. He served in the 24th Infantry (Taro Division) in Germany and then was transferred to Vietnam where he served with MACV-Ord. out of Pleiku. Missions took them into areas where Agent Orange (AO) was prolifically used to reduce vegetation.

He was injured twice but it was the Agent Orange that would eventually disable him later in life. It was almost 1967 when he left the military as a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam war.

In the civilian world, Jeff continued his education and worked at Lucent Technologies where he advanced in management. The effects of AO begin to show up by way of cancer and multiple issues. It finally forced him into retirement. He then began the fight to become as healthy as possible. Having some successes, he has mobility issues today and continues to work on improving his health. He also helps his wife with her business in their home office working back office tasks a few hours a day.

Jeff's health challenges are a day to day fight, requiring constant trips to the Phoenix VA Health Care System. As with the old adage, "No pain, no gain," Jeff's mantra is that he can deal with the pain as long as he receives some gain. 

We're incredibly excited to see the gains made by the Jeff & Marshall team!

Marshall in training.

Marshall in training.

Circe Offers New Hope to Marine Corps Veteran

As we head into the New Year, The Malinois Foundation is grateful for all who have supported our cause and helped us brighten the lives of veterans in 2017!

Our newest match came last month when Circe, a 6-month old Belgian Malinois was placed with Deborah Mann, a United States Marine Corps Veteran and survivor of Military Sexual Assault (MST). In the years to come, Deb will rely on Circe for both psychiatric and mobility support.


Upon arrival in her new Arizona home, Circe immediately connected with her new handler and the very next day, Deb mentioned how loved and protected she felt. This pup is energetic and passionate about her new work. We're excited to follow the progress this handler and dog team makes in 2018 with continued training donated through Dog Training Elite Arizona.

If you, a loved one or friend is in need of a service animal for PTSD, Mobility Support or Special Needs - please reach out to us at (801) 898-3023 or themalinoisfoundation@gmail.com.

Circe Head Shot.jpg

1st Annual Vino for Veterans Event a Success!

The Malinois Foundation celebrated Veterans Day on November 11, 2017, with a fundraiser for the 38 veterans on our waiting list for the placement of a service animal. 

The 1st annual Vino for Veterans was a hit, with over 100 foundation supporters attending the function, which included a silent auction, local art vendors, appetizers and wine.

The event was graciously hosted by Amour Cafe in the Liberty Park neighborhood of Salt Lake City, and made possible by over 30 local businesses who participated by donating gift baskets, gift certificates and artwork to the silent auction.

The Malinois Foundation thanks all that donated and participated for their support of our cause!


The Vino for Veterans event raised over $4,500 toward the support and placement of service animals with veterans in need.

Check back with us as we head into 2018 for upcoming events and opportunities to support our veterans!

Behind the Scenes: Raising a Service Animal

Have you ever wondered what goes into the training and placement of a service animal?

We frequently receive questions about our process and are often asked how handlers can part with dogs they've raised and grown attached to?

The answer to those questions is yes, we miss each dog placed with a new handler dearly! Yet without a doubt, the incredible effect these animals have on their new owners is truly rewarding.

My husband and I have hosted and trained several service dogs that have gone on to aid new owners with struggles such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and decreased mobility. The very first dog we trained and worked with, Sasha, had a profound affect on us and it was through Sasha that we came to realize just how important our efforts as service dog trainers are.

Sasha's new owner had returned from military deployment and struggled with PTSD to the point he had not left his home in several years. His PTSD was crippling and an immense strain for himself as well as his wife and two young children. When Sasha left our home, she instantly bonded with her new handler and within days they were inseparable.

Several months after the placement we saw Sasha at a Dog Training Elite booth in the Salt Lake City Home Show. She was thriving and to our pleasure, we learned her handler had progressed rapidly. In fact, with her support, he had been able to accompany his family on a trip to Disneyland (fireworks and all) just months after teaming up with Sasha!

Sasha's story energized us and soon after, we selected a puppy to nurture and train next for the Malinois Foundation. Dan and I purchased Tink as a 12-week old F1B Goldendoodle puppy from Angie Wycoff of Sammy's Doodles in Heber City, Utah. 


Though Tink was the runt of her litter, she excelled at the service animal tests Angie routinely performs to determine which puppies will make the best partners for an individual in need of a service animal. 

When we arrived home with Tink, she wasted no time exploring her new digs. We introduced her to Rory & Aspen, our own dogs and laughed as she would mimic the big dogs and follow their lead. There are a lot of intricacies in the training of a service animal on the human side, but having older, extremely well trained dogs makes the process much simpler as they will teach the puppy good habits and correct behavior themselves. 

Much goes into the training of a service animal. As soon as our pups have full sets of shots, they are socialized with any and every possible new environment. It's important for them to be confident yet calm when coming across a new experience - so from a very young age they take car rides, meet new adults and children, are exposed to loud noises and meet other animals. 

Tink is somewhat of an old soul, and observes with a quiet calm demeanor. However, when she's not on the job, snuggling is her favorite pastime!

She's now just over a year and a half old, and will soon be placed with her forever person through the Service Paws and Patriots initiative presented by the City of South Salt Lake. Once the match is made, the Malinois Foundation will continue to support Tink's veteran and will provide handler-specific training for a year after placement. This continued support is crucial and sets up each match of dog and handler for success.

Service Paws and Patriots is a three-year campaign with a goal to place service animals in the hands, hearts, and homes of the brave men and women who have served our country, many of whom suffer from PTSD as a direct result of their service. Utah veterans in need of a service animal are encouraged to apply for the program HERE. 

After Tink's placement, the Service Paws and Patriots campaign will present Tink's niece, Marley, to a new veteran next year. We're excited for the great things Tink will go on to do and the opportunity to work with the spunky, little Marley this next year.

If you have questions about The Malinois Foundation and are interested in getting involved or are in need of a service animal - stay in touch with our latest news by following us on Facebook. You can also reach out to (801) 898-3023.


Summer Schedule - Meet the Malinois Foundation Stars!

The summer may be half over but our Malinois Foundation events are just starting to heat up. Join us at on of the select events listed below and meet our hardworking Malinois Foundation service dogs and handlers.

2017 Summer Schedule of Events

Saturday, July 22- Pioneer Park Farmers Market

Saturday, July 29, Women's Self-Defense Seminar Charity Event

Sunday, August 13- Mark Miller Subaru Golf Tournament

Saturday, August 19- Pioneer Park Farmers Market

Saturday, September 9- Pioneer Park Farmers Market

Saturday, September 9- Sandy Heritage Days

September 15- City of South Salt Lake Golf Tournament

Meet Arrow and our spectacular service animals this summer!

Meet Arrow and our spectacular service animals this summer!

Meet Odin & Learn About the Veteran He's Helping!

Odin is one of The Malinois Foundation's newest service animal trainees! When Odin's training is completed, this Malamute pup will become a psychiatric and mobility assistance dog.

Odin's new owner is an Iraq War veteran who served our country at a field hospital. The horrific scenes this veteran experienced have stayed with him after returning stateside. 


"Seeing the things, we did in the hospital were ugly in more ways than can be explained. Not only what the battles of war will do to you, but how inhumane we can be to one another," he described.

Upon returning home, Odin's new owner has struggled to blend back into civilian life. At 35 years old and after bouncing from job-to-job and town-to-town, he has enrolled in school and is halfway through a associates degree at Western Wyoming Community College. 

At his new school, this veteran has struggled with loneliness, depression and seclusion. He spends extra hours at school, struggling to keep up his grades. While he hates being alone, sometimes that seems his only companion. 

One of Odin's owner's classmates is assisted with a service animal, and through this interaction, the veteran inquired about the benefits of the mobility dog to its handler. The classmate shared the feelings of calmness and comfort that his dog has afforded him.

Odin's owner is sure his cute pup will be the companion he's looking for to keep him calm and centered while warding off any suicidal thoughts that creep in during the long hours out of class. 

"I want to be happy; I want to have the same companionship that was in the Army; I want peace," Odin's owner said. 

If you'd like to help assist other individuals in need - please contact us at 801-898-3023, themalinoisfoundation@gmail.com or http://www.themalinoisfoundation.org/contact.

Meet Abby!

Abby is one of our newest placements and we are happy to report that she and her handler are doing great! We are so grateful to her handler for his service to our country, and it was truly an honor to be able to work with him to find a Service Animal that was right for him! We look forward to watching their relationship grow and are happy to be a part of that journey! 

Abby- 1 year old female Belgian Malinois

Abby- 1 year old female Belgian Malinois