The Belgian Malinois

Phoenix- Male Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois breed were originally used for herding purposes, but now you will see the breed used for many different purposes. Police or Military work is where most people will make the connection to where they have seen this breed most. With various levels of outstanding characteristics, the Malinois breed can be the perfect fit for not only a structured service animal, but also for a animal that can become a member of your family!


1.     Adaptability : 3 STARS

-Adapts well to apartment living= 1 STAR

-Good fit for novice owners= 3 STARS

-Sensitivity Level= 5 STARS

-Toleration for being alone= 3 STARS

-Toleration for cold weather= 4 STARS

-Toleration for hot weather= 4STARS


2.     All Around Friendliness of the dog: 4 STARS

-Affectionate with families= 5 STARS

-Specific Friendliness towards kids= 4 STARS

-Dog friendly= 2 STARS

-Friendly towards strangers= 3 STARS


3.     Healthy Grooming : 3 STARS

-Amount of shedding= 2 STARS

-Drooling= 1 STAR

-Easy to Groom= 5 STAR

-General Health= 4 STAR

-Potential Weight Gain= 2 STAR

-Size= 4 STAR


4.     Trainability: 4 STAR

-Easy to Train= 5 STAR

-Intelligence= 5 STAR

-Potential for Mouthiness= #3 STAR

-Prey Drive= 4 STAR

-Tendency to Bark or Howl= 2 STAR

-Wanderlust potential= 3 STAR


5.     Exercise Level: 5 STAR

-Energy Level= 5 STAR

-Intensity= 4 STAR

-Exercise Needs= 5 STAR

-Potential for Playfulness= 5 STAR



GROWTH SIZE: 1 Foot, 10 inches to 2 Feet, 2 inches tall at shouler

MALES: 24-26 inches tall at the shoulder & weigh 60-80 lbs.

FEMALES: 22-24 inches tall & weigh 40-60 lbs.

WEIGHT: 40-80 pounds

LIFE SPAN: 12-14 years


The Belgian Malinois is a medium size Shepard that is most like the German Shepard, separating itself by the characteristic of its black face, also referred to as its “black mask”. This breed has a love for working, so expect your dog to be in need of a lot of exercise, or interaction between you and the dog. As a quick learner, this breed is eager to please and is sure to demonstrate consistent progress in all of its obedience and agility tasks. Whether this dog is acting in sport or has the job of protecting it’s family, be certain that with the right amount of structure, love, obedience training, attention, & overall interaction towards it’s owner(s), your dog will be nothing short of a miraculous Malinois that will be the perfect fit for fun with your family! 


Dakoda- Female Belgian Malinois

Dakoda- Female Belgian Malinois