Meet Odin & Learn About the Veteran He's Helping!

Odin is one of The Malinois Foundation's newest service animal trainees! When Odin's training is completed, this Malamute pup will become a psychiatric and mobility assistance dog.

Odin's new owner is an Iraq War veteran who served our country at a field hospital. The horrific scenes this veteran experienced have stayed with him after returning stateside. 


"Seeing the things, we did in the hospital were ugly in more ways than can be explained. Not only what the battles of war will do to you, but how inhumane we can be to one another," he described.

Upon returning home, Odin's new owner has struggled to blend back into civilian life. At 35 years old and after bouncing from job-to-job and town-to-town, he has enrolled in school and is halfway through a associates degree at Western Wyoming Community College. 

At his new school, this veteran has struggled with loneliness, depression and seclusion. He spends extra hours at school, struggling to keep up his grades. While he hates being alone, sometimes that seems his only companion. 

One of Odin's owner's classmates is assisted with a service animal, and through this interaction, the veteran inquired about the benefits of the mobility dog to its handler. The classmate shared the feelings of calmness and comfort that his dog has afforded him.

Odin's owner is sure his cute pup will be the companion he's looking for to keep him calm and centered while warding off any suicidal thoughts that creep in during the long hours out of class. 

"I want to be happy; I want to have the same companionship that was in the Army; I want peace," Odin's owner said. 

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